Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ADJECTIVES ~ Specify details of nouns

ADJECTIVES ~ specify/describe details about nouns and usually appear directly before the noun. Most are called "descriptive adjectives".

1. Adjectives may specify:
number (numerical adjectives e.g. "40" in the poster while the adverb "nearly" modifies it)
general identity (demonstrative adjectives e.g. this, that, these, those)
specific national/racial/city identity (proper adjectives from proper nouns e.g. Australian, Chinese, American, Melbournian)

2. Adjectives may use:
nouns as adjectives
e.g. In the above poster, the compound adjective gap year describes organisation. Both gap and year are usually used as nouns.

3. Adjectives follow the noun when any part of the verb "to be" is used:
e.g. Hobart is/was/will be cold and windy.
The words cold and windy are adjectives describing a perspective of Hobart.

4. Some adjectives are used in a comparison.
e.g. Brisbane is hot. Cape York is hotter.
When used in this way, they are known as comparative adjectives.

Comparative adjectives involve degree.
(a) The base is known as the positive form
e.g, strong, funny, red, good, bad
(b) The next stage, comparing two items, is known as the comparative form
e.g. stronger, funnier OR more funny, redder, better, worse
(c) The last stage, comparing three or more items, is known as the superlative form.
e.g. strongest, funniest OR most funny, reddest, best, worst


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Awesome tips on grammar and very nicely written.

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This is a wonderful educational blog that I admire. It reminds me of so many things that I had forgotten in my English classes--some which I was never taught.