Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adverbs + Adverbial Phrases ~ Specify details of verbs

Adverbs and adverbial phrases qualify verbs.
They add colour and interest to the action in a sentence.

1. Adverb - One word qualifies a verb. Most adverbs end in "-ly".
2. Adverbial phrase involves two or more words qualifying the verb.
The phrase may involve:
two adverbs e.g. quite fast
begin with a preposition
at the station - adverbial phrase of place beginning with the prepositon at.
3. Adverbs and adverbial phrases answer:
how - most adverbs answer this question

e.g. In the Winter, many surfers enjoy riding the chilly waves with excitement.
In the Winter - adverbial phrase of time
with excitement - adverbial phrase of manner
NOTE: chilly ends in "-ly" but look at this word's position in the sentence.
It is an adjective describing waves.
(And waves is not automatically a verb. Here it is a noun.)
Before identifying a word's role in a sentence, check where it is in the sentence.
In other words, check the context.

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